Matt Evan Johnson

Matt Evan Johnson

Matt Evan JohnsonMatt Evan JohnsonMatt Evan Johnson

Trucker • Singer • Songwriter



Matt Evan Johnson is a professional OTR 18-wheeler truck driver and lifelong musician from Georgia who started writing his own songs in his own truck many years ago. He wrote his first regional underground hit song “Honky Tonk Tonkin” while staying overnight at a Texas truck stop. His singer-songwriter voice and style developed in his truck, and as his songs got out, he was pursued by Atlanta and Nashville music producers. He keeps his acoustic guitar with him and writes songs about the many dynamics of life, the good, bad, and sometimes ugly. His truck has become his songwriting studio where he sings and write songs during his downtime at truck stops. In his words, “it cures me from truck stop boredom, gives me something productive to do, my music art, and keeps me out of trouble”!



While in his truck writing his songs with his acoustic guitar, Matt Evan Johnson discovered and developed his own unique baritone country voice, with flavors of many popular lower Piedmont singer-songwriters of the past. Although he has his own unique voice, and style, in his voice you’ll hear a lower Piedmont country music sound that is unmistakable.

Matt Evan Johnson is available for live performances. He can perform his shows solo-acoustic, or as a trio, usually with bass and drums. He’s a lifelong performing music artist and is comfortable performing in most settings, from backyard private bbq events, farms, to main stage music venues. He can literally strap on his guitar and entertain you for hours, with his original songs and cover songs, depending on the event, venue, and time frame.



After many years as a professional musician, Matt Evan Johnson began writing his own songs in his truck, 18-wheeler, and through the years has been discovered by numerous music producers. In 2008, he self-released his first single “Honky Tonk Tonkin” which became a lower Piedmont region underground hit song. As a result, he was pursued by Atlanta and Nashville music producers. He continued writing and recording his songs. In 2011, he self-released his first 5 song EP. In 2018, he completed his EP into a complete 10 song CD-album. He has generated a continually growing lower Piedmont grass roots fan base, that has  expanded nationally and internationally, in recognition of his songs, his records, especially Sweet Southern Woman, New Moon Tonight, and Ain’t Broke.


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